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You are invited …

8th October 1pm – 3pm

Come and join us for a fabulous afternoon celebrating the wonderful apple harvest. Expert GRAHAM BELL will be on hand to answer your questions; the best trees to plant here in The Borders, how best to store apples and bring along your unknown apple varieties and we’ll see if we can identify them. There will be lots of different apple varieties for you to taste – many that you won’t find in the shops – and we will have an apple press on site so bring along your apples (and clean bottles) and have a go at making your own juice!

Abundance at Ayton

Look how wonderful the garden is looking  – potatoes, onions, apples, courgettes on the Ayton Primary school plot, two types of bean and lots of fresh herbs and salads. There are even sprouts coming along nicely, despite the foliage being ravaged by Cabbage Whites.


Tatty thief at Ayton??

Well, of course not… but for a while it looked like tatties were vanishing!

Turns out that volunteer Gillian had been around a pulled the first crop! And they were delicious too!

Meanwile we are all busy creating even more abundance to share

Lots of planting at Ayton

One of the things that is really important at Abundant Borders is community engagement.

A couple of months ago we left packets of vegetable seeds at Eyemouth High School. The young people sowed those seeds and today we collected lots of wonderful, healthy seedlings for planting.

And the potatoes, onions and berries are really coming on well too!


Open Garden Success!

What a fantastic day we had on Saturday.

The garden looked great and we had lots and lots of vistors – 68!! – and lots and lots of comment on how much had been achieved in a year!

Huge thanks to Rhonda for setting the day up and to all the gardeners for working so hard to make the plot look at it’s best

Preparing for Open Day

The Community Food Garden at Ayton is part of the Beanburn Open Gardens event, raising funds for another great charity – supporting St Abbs Lifeboat.

It was a cold, grey day – not like May Bank Holiday at all, but we had a  wonderful afternoon tidying and sprucing so that the garden could look its best!

Works in Progress

Tea and biscuits today at Linkim Court and a chance to share our story so far with residents. They can’t get out to see some of the other sites for themselves so wanted to see how the other projects compared to the transformation of their outdoor space.

So we made a picture slideshow. Click on the link to view the Powerpoint presentation.

Amazing what’s been achieved in less than a year!

Works in Progress