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Works in Progress

Tea and biscuits today at Linkim Court and a chance to share our story so far with residents. They can’t get out to see some of the other sites for themselves so wanted to see how the other projects compared to the transformation of their outdoor space.

So we made a picture slideshow. Click on the link to view the Powerpoint presentation.

Amazing what’s been achieved in less than a year!

Works in Progress

Last visit of 2017 with preparations for 2018

Today was the last time we’ll be at Ayton this year. The community growers will still be visiting as there are still plenty of brassicas¬† growing ….

… and some herbs can still be picked during the winter months. Check out this lovely herb bed. Created using one of the key features of permaculture – “let the problem become the solution”. The ground here is really stoney but some have been put to really good use!

One job this time was to plant the second holly tree at the site entrance

A second job was to put a trellis behind the bench. Next year it will be planted with fragrant sweet peas and delicious garden peas.

Roll on 2018 – see you all at Ayton in February!

Willow Planting

With special thanks to the Mrs Lathe and the students at Eyemouth High School who cut bundles of willow for us, we now have a lovely willow windbreak.

The wind can be really fierce on this very exposed site so the willow will serve to disrupt the wind flow and protect the plants. The community growers will keep the willow cut short and coppiced (great biofuel by the way) as we don’t want big trees, just a willow hedge. Who know, there’ll maybe a chance do do some willow weaving in the next year or so!

Not the usual Monday

The first Monday of each month we have a Volunteering Afternoon at the Community Garden in Ayton. It is a chance for the course participants to meet up and for us all to pitch in with some of the bigger jobs, like building compost heaps. But this Monday was not the usual Monday.

We had film makers from Scottish Government making a short video to record projects, like ours, which have benefitted from Good Food Nation Funding. Thanks to everyone who came along to support Abundant Borders and the amazing community growers. It was blowing a gale and the pieces to camera had to be recorded several times but the film-makers seemed happy with the words and pictures in the end.

And check out these photographs to see just how much has been achieved in the garden just 6 months! Amazing team! Well done!

Community Volunteer Day

Despite the rain, what a great afternoon at Ayton Community Garden. There is so much growing there now! Amazing! And we were really pleased to be able to help put up composting areas. We had a visit from Mrs Lathe and can look forward to working even more closely with the High School next year and we met the youngest volunteer so far too. Oh, and Shane and Dougie found a frog.

And meanwhile at Ayton…

The Community Forest Garden is really taking shape.

Our second monthly volunteering afternoon allowed us all to see how the garden is coming along and to lend a hand with general maintenance and advice.

There are field beans, soft fruit, shrubs, bushes, trees herbs, flowers and vegetables. Not bad for the first growing season!