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Linkim Court re-visited

It was fantastic to meet everyone at Linkim Court again – over tea and scones so even better! The raised beds are looking great. Lots of the flowers and edibles are loving the growing conditions and coming along a treat!

Volunteering visit to Linkim Court

A lovely morning drinking tea with the residents at Linkim Court and then doing a bit of garden tidying. We’ll be there the first Thursday of each month 10-12, having a chat and doing so bits and bobs around the garden.

The residents are loving the new space and have already added lots of new plants to the beds.

And we’ve formed a great Community Connection with Scottish Borders Council Community Capacity Building Team. The herbs grown here are also going to go to support the soup club which is part of the Eyemouth Monthly Tea Dance!


They say that a picture paints a thousand words and I think in this case it is true. Have a look at the transformation of the garden area at Linkim Court – from neglected beds with dying roses to accessible planters filled with herbs, perennial salads and flowers. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to made this happen.

Endings and beginnings

All good things must come to an end.

Finished work at Linkim Court today.

Raised beds built and planted, grass restored where the tons of topsoil were stored and an extra wee bit of work to tidy the planted areas at the entrance.

We will be holding regular volunteering days here, just to keep things tidy, so watch this space.

And then there were plants

The bit we had all been looking forward to – hard work over and now for the plants.

We have planted a mix of perennial salads, such as Salad Burnett and Lemon Sorrel; plenty of herbs for the residents to pick and add to recipes, some strawberry plants and flowering plants like mallow to add colour and attract wildlife.

Isn’t it great when a plan comes together!

Progress at Linkim Court

First we moved soil…then we laid paving. Shane, Annie and Karen worked in the east coast haar and drizzle today but it was good to get back on site after missing two weeks due to the heavy rain that has been such a big part of the Scottish Summer this year!

Chips with everything

Today was chips day – wood chips!

Annie, Shane and Karen removed leylandii trees that had been allowed to grow too large for a small garden and a large Laburnum that had sadly fallen in the high winds,  in Coldingham. They were joined by Sandy, who helped with the loading and Graham who drove the packed trailer to Linkim Court.

Here we were joined by regular helper Celine and a new volunteer, her brother Michael and together we chopped, sawed and chippered the mountain of branches into the raised beds.

More progress today as the sun shone on Linkim Court.

We had additional support today from George and Jamie from BHA who began the demanding job of laying paving flags.

 It might seem odd to be paving over ground but Linkim Court is a special case.  The new raised beds will be fitted with seats which will allow the older, more infirm or wheelchair users to tend their garden as the beds will be filled with herbs and plants to attractive butterflies, bees and other wildlife. The paved area is needed to allow access to the beds, particular for the less mobile and for wheelchair users.

We have cleared the existing paths so that the edges of the plot are now much less overgrown and much more accessible to the residents, especially those in wheelchairs. The roses that we rescued from the overgrown rose beds that used to be at the centre of the space have been re-homed along the boundary fence so that they can continue to supply colour in the garden.



Back to work at Linkim Court

After a week-long break we were hard at work again today at Linkim Court. And we had a visit from Bonnie the Snoodle! She was much happier than she looked here and her barking kept the cheeky Eyemouth seagulls away from our biscuits at tea break!

And we were delighted to welcome back Annie who got stuck in straight away clearing and tidying borders and paths.

The ground is now clear and ready for the paving flags to be laid so residents will soon be able to enjoy their new recreational space.