The final day of the Healthy Cooking course through in Hawick – vegetable lasagne today and it was absolutely delicious. Lorna again in the star role presenting her own dish and the amazing Joyce, on loan to us from Burnfoot Futures, who has been (and is!) an absolutely wonderful teacher. Thank you. Let’s do it again soon!

Thanks Joyce!

And Kat and Sue enjoyed the lasagne too!

From garden to plate

…in less than a minute!

Part of the philosophy that underpins the whole Abundant Borders project – growing fresh food and getting that food onto a plate as quickly as possible. It would be difficult to beat Rachel, a wonderful volunteer who planted the lettuce, tended it through the summer sun and is now enjoying a delicious sandwich!

And other harvesting today

Abundance at Ayton

Look how wonderful the garden is looking  – potatoes, onions, apples, courgettes on the Ayton Primary school plot, two types of bean and lots of fresh herbs and salads. There are even sprouts coming along nicely, despite the foliage being ravaged by Cabbage Whites.


Polytunnel prepping

What a busy day in the Hawick Community Forest Garden yesterday!

Great to see John, Bryan and Dylan back in the garden and to have their help clearing a space for our polytunnel.

And it isn’t all hard work. We also had a visit from the cookery course participants who very kindly brought us some freshly baked carrot cake

Building a Blueberry bed

A couple of weeks ago we started to build a bed for blueberry bushes. Blueberries thrive in acidic soil so putting them here means we can control the acidity of the soil more easily.

Lots of volunteers have helped maked this happen so fingers crossed for a bumber crop in 2019!

Creating and sharing abundance

It was a day for visitors in the Hawick Community Forest Garden yesterday.
It’s lovely for us to show people our garden and share ideas about the way forward for community gardening in Hawick and the Scottish Borders.

Thanks Norman Elliot-Walker for sharing your ideas about community orchards and foraging, to Nancy Woodhead for the wonderful baskets of fruit and to Graeme the builder who made a great job of fixing our wobbly step.

Lots of salad leaves, courgettes and damsons.

Our lovely volunteers have donated a peppermint plant and another bird box.

Blueberries and Redcurrants

What a wonderful day in the Hawick Community Forest Garden.

Thanks to Michelle Stamp for donating the redcurrant bushes. They’re looking very happy in their new home.

And to Rachel Parker for the lovely bird box.

Rachel took on the ivy…

….. whilst Gill and Lorna cleared a great space for us to make a raised bed to plant blueberries in. We need a separate bed as blueberries need a more acidic soil than we have in the garden. Fingers crossed for a good crop next year!