Ayton Community Garden

The site at Ayton provides a great opportunity to create permanent growing space and shelter belt. The site was an uncultivated plot on the edge of an larger piece of land which will be developed for housing by BHA.


Looking across the plot
Looking towards the plot
The rest of the land at Ayton

The land was the base for the first Permaculture Foundation Course, January – March 2017. The progress of the site; from building the tool shed to planting the first seeds through to picking the first crops can be followed on the latest news section of the website.  This is what the plot looked like in early April 2017.

Looking into the plot
The perma-team start the planting

And this is what it looks like as we come to the end of the first growing season. Abundance indeed!

Kale, potatoes, herbs, flowers, salads, fruit bushes and fruit trees …and more!

There are lots of postings from the site, including picking the first crops and our amazing volunteer action days in the latest news section of the website.

But to whet your appetite, here is the garden at the end of 2018


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