Borders Climate Action Network

There are lots of great projects happening across the Scottish Borders. To uncover and map these activities, a Borders Green Summit was held in March and SCCAN visioning sessions were held in 2022/23

These events

  • Highlighted key themes to be addressed if the Scottish Borders are to have a just transition to net zero
  • Created energy and ideas and demonstrated the need for further work
  • Started to build a strong network of groups including charities, CICs, statutory bodies and individuals
  • Recognised that embracing communities and other organisations not traditionally considered “Green” is key to long term success in tackling climate change
  • Proposed the creation of a “hub”, in-line with the Scottish Government initiative to support community climate action.

The summit and visioning sessions resulted in the formation of a “Next Steps” steering group, with individuals volunteering to take things forward. Chief Officer, Karen Birch, has been part of this Interim Steering Group, championing the need for Food System Change as part of a just transition to Net Zero

You can read the latest update, HERE

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