Little Robins

Little Robins is a new way for youngsters to learn how to grow food – from sowing seeds to picking crops!

Before Covid lockdowns we were starting to work with both Reston and Ayton Primary Schools, growing herbs and vegetables to make into fabulous soups come harvest time. During lockdown lots of kids have been getting into planting and cooking, so we have put together activities they can easily follow. We’re here to help and kids get a certificate at the end.

How it works

Youngsters have to complete seven core activities, growing from seed to crop.

  • Seed Sowing – Sowing seeds indoors and outdoors, how to label, filling compost trays
  • Potting On – Pricking out seedlings and choosing the right pots
  • Propagation – How to take cuttings, how to collect seeds, how to split plants
  • Cultivation – How and why to dig, hoe and rake
  • Plant Care – Watering, dead-heading, weeding and mulching
  • Composting – What to compost and what not to compost. Avoiding waste
  • Harvesting – How to pick a crop and how to use/cook fruits and vegetables

They also choose 3 activities that they want to do

  • For example, making a birdbox, painting a windowbox or helping to keep the garden tidy.

On completion of the 10 activities they will get a certificate frm Abundant Borders to recoginise their achievement.

Recording their efforts

Activities can be recorded in one of three ways:

  1. We can send a Powerpoint File to the youngster or to their supervising adult. The activity and supporting photographs can be entered directly and the completed portfolio returned to Abundant Borders for certification
  2. The youngster can submit their own portfolio, with support from an adult where necessary, as a Word or PDF document
  3. Youngsters can send a record of activities as they do them and we will help them compile their portfolio

Help and Support

We can help with ideas, help sheets and give support to youngsters undertaking any activity and help with preparing their portfolio.

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