Our mission is to alleviate household food insecurity in the Scottish Borders by creating a network of local food production, primarily food forest gardens, and encouraging people to seek out locally produced food. For the past 5 years we have been turning derelict, unused and unloved spaces into vibrant community hubs. Here is the story so far.

This film is A Banoffee Ice Studio Production

To find more about individual projects, you can follow the links, below.

Ayton Community Garden
Berwickshire Housing Association has provided the first development site at Ayton, a small village in the east Scottish Borders, a little inland from Eyemouth. The site is an uncultivated plot on the edge of an larger piece of land which will be developed for housing by BHA.

Hawick Community Food Garden
Abundant Borders are turning the waste ground behind the Salvation Army Community Store on Hawick High Street into a productive food forest garden.

Duns Community Food Garden
In early 2020 Berwickshire Housing Association provided a second site, a much larger piece of land at the edge of their new housing development at Todlaw, Duns.

Eyemouth Community Food Garden
We started out in 2017, working with the Open Space Project in Eyemouth, working on a 3/4 allotment plot. In 2022 we moved onto almost an acre of land being transformed into a fruit tree nursery, orchard and community garden with a polycarbonate growing tunnel, raised beds, outdoor cooking facilities and tables and seating areas.

Foulden Community Food Garden
The Foulden Community Food Garden is taking shape at the edge of the memorial playing fields and is already producing some fabulous crops!

Cockburnspath Allotments and Community Food Garden
We are delighted to have worked alongside the allotment society in Cockburnspath throughout 2022, especially working with the whole Primary School from planting seeds to harvesting pumpkins and making soup for the community.

Kelso Community Food Garden
Working with Eildon Housing Association, and with ideas and action from Kelso High School, 2022 saw work start on the Community Garden at Rodgerfish

Herbs and Salads, Eyemouth
With our friends at Jarvis Pickle, we created 4 large raised beds growing salads, herbs and vegetables which allows anyone in Eyemouth to help themselves to fresh food. Buying pots of herbs can be very expensive so this way people can just come and take a few leaves to add to their meals. These beds have now moved to ther new community garden site, off Golf Course Road

Linkim Court
Also in collaboration with Berwickshire Housing Association and the wonderful residents of Linkim Court, we made the residents garden areas much more accessible, lower maintenance, more butterfly and bird friendly and the beds provide herbs for cooking.

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