Virtual Community Garden Learners

When we couldn’t meet face to face, we could still learn together. Since 2016 Abundant Borders has been teaching people how to grow food in a sustainable way and how to cook healthy, nutritious meals from the food they grow, or which can be sourced locally.

Usually the learning is based from a Community Garden but sometimes this isn’t possible. So we have brought the learning on line with the our own SUSTAINABLE GROWING COURSE.


Since 2016 Abundant Borders has been teaching people how to grow food in a sustainable way, based on the principles of permaculture.

The course has been delivered in the past by Graham Bell, founding member at Abundant Borders and one of the world’s leading permaculture teachers, and we are delighted that Graham, will be available to answer your permaculture questions. Graham will be joined by the Abundant Borders team and by Kat Dunlop, herself a renowned permaculture practitioner and someone who has also delivered this course.

The course has seven modules, delivered over successive weeks. On completion of all seven modules, we will send a certificate from Abundant Borders, to say that you have completed this course.

We have created the Virtual Community Garden on Facebook so that we can continue to share ideas and to learn together. You can post your questions to the Facebook group at any time and, in addition, we will have a live Q&A each Wednesday, between 10am and noon, so that we can answer questions in real time.

Module 1
What is Permaculture?
Introduction to the Three Pillars of Permaculture
What is Forest Gardening? – Introduction, why layers create abundance
Module 2
Soil – What is Soil? How to maintain soil fertility
Worms and Soil Ecosystem
No-Dig Gardening – how and why
Composting – The do’s and don’ts
Module 3
Seeds, Sowing and Propagation
How to choose the right plants
Module 4
Trees and bushes
Making use of trees for food, shelter, fuel and compost Growing trees and bushes from seeds and cuttings.
Module 5
Food for Free
Module 6
Managing Resources to Create Abundance
Module 7
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