Support for schools

Ayton Primary School

Raised beds for vegetable growing

Since the opening of the Ayton Community Food Garden in 2017, the children have had their own small plot within it. Over the years they’ve planted potatoes, onions and pumpkins and have had herbs beds in the school. For 2021 Abundant Borders and the Ayton Resilience Group are helping the school to grow even more. The new garden is available to the children during school hours, and they will decide what to plant and will care for the plants. Outside school hours, the garden will be open to the community to share the fresh food the children have grown.

Reston Primary School

Herb and Salad planting

Pre Covid we were working with the wonderful young people at Reston Primary School to start to turn the area of grass and weedlings into veggies and seedlings! The school would love this to be an intergenerational project and the garden will be available to the whole community so please contact if you think you would like to help us at the school.

Teaching the next generation of food growers

When Covid restrictions forced closure of schools, and then restricted access to the grounds and communal spaces, we took the training on-line. The Little Robins course is available for teachers – and care givers – to download to help young people to learn how to grow and care for plants and for the wider environment. For more details, contact

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