The Graham Bell Sharing Library

We were deeply upset earlier this year with the news that Graham Bell, leading Permaculture Teacher, Practitioner and Changemaker, and CoFounder at Abundant Borders, had died after a short illness. During his lifetime, Graham was a great collector of ideas, stories … and books!

Thanks to the generosity of his family, especially his wife and current Abundant Borders Chair, Nancy Woodhead, we have been able to create a Sharing Library. The books reflect Graham’s wide range of interests and enthusiasms, and we have added to his eclectic mix with a selection of recipe books.

The books will be available to borrow from the office and from the Community Gardens. The full lst of what is avaiable to borrow (and return please for others to enjoy) is available to download HERE.

Graham was also a great collector, and sharer, of seeds. We will continue to follow in his footsteps by having seeds to share too!


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