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Abundant Borders is sure that a great volunteer experience benefits the individual giving their time just as much as it benefits the organisation and so we are committed to working with YOU  to provide as many really interesting and creative volunteering experiences as possible.

Whether you want to help out with our healthy eating and nutrition workshops, come and work on the land, act as mentor to trainees, share your own story and expertise or simply help with transport between sites,  there are many, many ways to get involved.

We are looking for volunteers at the community food gardens across the Scottish Borders – from Eyemouth to Hawick. So if you are a keen gardener, or if you want to learn, get in touch. We offer full FREE training courses and can offer financial support with transport costs to and from the site for those who would otherwise find travel difficult.  If you would like to volunteer, contact robin@abundantborders for more details.

If cooking is your thing, we offer REHIS certificated training courses in basic cooking skills to all of our volunteers. We can then offer financial support to volunteers who want to continue to learn and to help at our social lunches and food workshops. This can include help with transport costs and with further food courses, such as food hygiene.

We are also looking for people willing to help with transport to help move non-drivers to and from sites.

If you have experience with funding bids, we would welcome your support.

If you have tools you can spare we can make sure that they find a good home. Or if you have materials like topsoil, compost, fence posts and other useful garden stuff, let us know. We have a trailer so we should be able to collect larger objects.

Or if you have any other ways in which you think you can help, contact us. We want to create as many useful, creative, mutually beneficial volunteering possibilities in the Borders as we can!

So if you have time and want to do something really positive to help your community to flourish, contact

Thank you!

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