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Works in Progress

Tea and biscuits today at Linkim Court and a chance to share our story so far with residents. They can’t get out to see some of the other sites for themselves so wanted to see how the other projects compared to the transformation of their outdoor space. So we made […]

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All the King’s Men ….

couldn’t put Humpty together again. But it only took Shane and Karen to put the BAVS shed together again! The shed has a waterproof hat for the moment but hopefully will have a nice new roof by the end of the year!

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Not much to look at … yet!

At the moment the walled garden is much more wall ( and concrete) than garden! But at least this small space is now weed free, ready for the shed to be put back together. The idea is to have a tool library from this site and so a robust, secure […]

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Now you see it – now you dont

We are delighted to be getting started at BAVS in Eyemouth. The first step is to take down the old shed. It will go back up again, just in a position that doesn’t take away from the growing space.

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