Cooking Session One – all systems go!!

The first sessions of the healthy cooking course got underway this week at Eyemouth Community Centre. We are really pleased to have the support of Eyemouth Good Food Partnership in being able to put on the course.

Participants are learning to cook healthy, affordable, simple, delicious dishes based around ingredients that they can grow for themselves or which can be sourced locally. For example the first recipe was for spanakopita, an egg and spinnach dish typically made with the addition of feta cheese and filo pastry.

To meet the Abundant Borders specification, trainer Sumati adapted the recipe, replacing filo pastry with layers of pancakes and suggesting the use of local or less expensive cheese as an alternative to feta. Here are some of the results and the happy cooks!

Why not download the recipe sheet and have a go yourself!

And you can download all of the healthy eating recipes from the course, HERE

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