Getting started at Linkim Court

Abundant Borders, in collaboration with Berwickshire Housing Association and the wonderful residents of Linkim Court are making the garden areas more easily accessible, lower maintenance and provide herbs for cooking.

We’ve had several meetings with the residents and they have been very clear about what they want from the project. They are really keen on their garden but, with the beds at ground level, it is simply too difficult to keep the beds free of weeds so, with the best will in the world, the beds currently have a neglected look.

Autumn 2016

The existing beds are full of old roses – and weeds! Our first job is to remove – and try to save – some of the bushes.

The next job is to clear plants from the edges, as the plan is to build raised beds around the perimiter of the existing beds.

We are leaving the roses in the centres of the beds for the moment. The area will be landscaped once the raised beds are built and, if we are able to, we will include these bushes in the final design.

And the residents are happy to watch the work, give advice and encouragement and offer regular tea and biscuit breaks!

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