Good Food Nation

We are delighted to announce that Abundant Borders have been sucessful in receiving a grant as part of the Scottish Government Good Food Nation Fund.

The aim of the project supported by the fund is to:
“create a network of local food production, through small scale forest gardening and to provide learning opportunities in growing and cooking healthy food. We will teach those involved in the project how to grow food in a sustainable way and how to cook that food in a healthy manner. By working with, amongst others The Salvation Army, who manage food banks in the region, we aim to help alleviate food poverty by teaching these skills to those using food banks. In this way we will work to ensure that everyone, regardless of their personal circumstances, can have access to healthy, nutritious food. We have the support of the local Community Council and by working closely with local people, as experts and as volunteers, we will foster an interest in growing and seeking out locally produced food. Forest Gardening, based on principles of permaculture, is a low input/high output means of food production. Our team of trainers, who will deliver the project, are acknowledged experts in this area and will ensure that the project is sustainable and environmentally sound.”

At its heart the project will teach participants about the crucial importance of environmental sustainability in food production. This will include, for example, how to build soil health, how to encourage wildlife into the growing space and how to maximise production with the minimum outside input. In addition, by teaching skills to promote local food production the project seeks to build resilience within the region so that customer demands can be met from within the region; thereby reducing food miles and increasing income to local producers.

We aim to increase people’s knowledge of food, food production and healthy cooking and eating. Participants will learn not only how to grow and cook food but also, for example, learn about food groups, how to have a balanced diet, food preservation and food hygiene. And participants will be encouraged to see the consumption of food as a social event; growing, cooking and eating together as a shared, positive, communal experience.

The project will be based from Ayton, a small village just outside Eyemouth.

If you want to find out more or to take part in the project, please contact

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