It’s been a long time coming…

.. but today was the first day on site!


The first job was to remove the turf from the are where the shed will sit so that a base can be laid. You can see the slabs and the bag of sand in the foreground.

Though this being a permaculture learning experience we didn’t all just blindly dig. Oh No. Graham was on hand to help identify the different types of vegetation; from wild carrots to sticky willy. We learned how the type of plants growing in a space can be used to determine the kind of soil it is and how they give clues to the past use of land. In our case it looks like the land has been pasture for many years.


The turfs removed were used to build walls of a compost heap. The turf is laid upside down one on top of another to make solid walls. The central area, now safely enclosed, can be used to store garden waste and turn it into compost. More on this later. For now though, suffice to say that the pile of rubbish, leaves and grass cuttings that had been thrown into the field from the surrounding houses, has found a new home in our compost heap.

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