More progress today as the sun shone on Linkim Court.

We had additional support today from George and Jamie from BHA who began the demanding job of laying paving flags.

 It might seem odd to be paving over ground but Linkim Court is a special case.  The new raised beds will be fitted with seats which will allow the older, more infirm or wheelchair users to tend their garden as the beds will be filled with herbs and plants to attractive butterflies, bees and other wildlife. The paved area is needed to allow access to the beds, particular for the less mobile and for wheelchair users.

We have cleared the existing paths so that the edges of the plot are now much less overgrown and much more accessible to the residents, especially those in wheelchairs. The roses that we rescued from the overgrown rose beds that used to be at the centre of the space have been re-homed along the boundary fence so that they can continue to supply colour in the garden.



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