Salad Bar – Open

Together with our partners Jarvis Pickle (of award winning pie fame!) we have created four large raised beds packed full of herbs and salads.

Situated right outside their premises, there are lots of different herbs and salads for people to help themselves.

Chief Officer Karen Birch said, “buying small packets of fresh herbs or jars of dried herbs can be expensive, particularly when only a few leaves are needed in a recipe, and often the small herb plants you can buy at at the supermarket don’t last long on a windowsill. Having fresh herb plants available all year round, especially for people who don’t have a garden, should be a real benefit to our community.”

“During the summer months there is ‘cut and come again’ lettuce too, and we will be adding fruit bushes and all-year-round salad plants over the coming months. The location, outside the popular Jarvis Pickle Store, should mean that lots and lots of people in Eyemouth will benefit”

There is a handy Herb Guide available inside the store for those who are unsure what herb goes with what other foods. So please DO go along and help yourself.

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