Sharing Abundance

At this time of year the garden is bursting with produce. At Abundant Borders we believe in sharing surplus. So we have collected salads, herbs, beetroot, onions and courgettes for the cooking classes, part of Eyemouth Good Food Partnership.

And they were put to very good use

The lovely smells of courgette soup and courgette bake had everyone’s mouths watering in the centre😊 Thanks for the vegetables!

On the menu today was gorgeous courgette pea and mint soup, red cabbage and apple soup, as well as beetroot, ginger and carrot soup!!!😜 thanks again for the produce, it had all been put to good use. 😊

“Yes, it was a wonderful display of fresh produce. The soups went well as Penny said.
Thank you so much and your raised beds look lovely. Great job, well done to all involved.”

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