January in the garden

Now is a great time to plan for the coming gardening year and don’t forget to look after the wildlife

Winter pruning of apple trees

Wintertime, when the leaves have dropped and the tree is dormant, is the best time to prune apple trees. The type of pruning required depends upon the state and age of the trees. You can download our step by step guide HERE

Planting bare root trees

January is the best time to plant bare root fruit trees. You can download our planting and care guide HERE

Look after the birds

Winter is a difficult time of year for birds, the days are short, the nights are cold and food is more difficult to find. Read More

Plan ahead and get the seeds you need

Until recently, every gardener in the world saved their own seed. They saved the seed of the plants that did best for them, and which they liked most.

Every year, without even thinking about it, millions of people added to the achievements of their ancestors to maintain and improve the previous years’ varieties.

Abundant Borders have a wealth of materials to help you learn how to save seed and why it is so important. Read More

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