Pickled Onions


  • 500g small onions
  • 500gm salt
  • 500ml malt vinegar
  • 200g clear honey


  1. Put the onions in a large bowl
  2. Cover the onions with boiling water and leave to cool
  3. Once cool, trim and peel the onions
  4. Sprinkle with 500g salt, stir to mix, cover and leave overnight
  5. Rinse under cold water to remove the salt
  6. Dry with a clean tea towel and pack into sterilised jars
  7. Put the vinegar in a pan and add the honey
  8. Heat until the honey just dissolves
  9. Pour the warm liquid over the pickles and seal the jars
  10. Leave for at least a month for pickling process to complete

You can watch the Cook Fresh Video HERE

And download the RECIPE to try for yourself

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