Visit from the Tree Surgeon

With the ground cleared below, ready for the polytunnel, it was time for clearing above the clearance.

There are a number of coppiced sycamore trees at the top of the garden and a few of the libs extended right over where the polytunnel is going. This is not only a risk that limbs might fall in high winds, but the leaves would block the light in summer. So, having checked with the council as the Community Garden is in a conservation zone, we called in Chris, an experienced tree surgeon, to safely remove the overhanging branches.

In true permaculture fashion, nothing will be wasted and everything will stay in the garden.

The trunks will be used to make hugelkultur beds, where the wood is buried and then rots below ground to provide nutrients to the soil and plants above.

The limbs are trimmed and used to make edges for the paths.

The small branches are composted or burnt in the brazier to warm volunteers on cold work days.

The leaves have been collected for compoist, for making leaf mould and as mulch for the paths.

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