We Love … Drinks Can Birdfeeder

Feeding the birds at this time of year is really important. Most insects are not plentiful yet and the birds are starting to make nests ready for breeding. They need all the energy they can get and we can help themm by putting the right food out for them.

Birdfeeders can be really expensive to buy, but this one uses stuff you might have lying about and doesn’t need fancy tools to make it.

Step 1 You will need :

  • Empty fizzy drinks can
  • Wire mesh
  • Wire
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Empty glass bottle
  • Marker pen

  • Step 2 Cut an empty fizzy drinks can in half using scissors
  • Step 3 Using the marker pen, draw a scalloped border and then cut around each edge, making sure to remove any jagged edges
  • Step 4 Cut the mesh so that there is enough to fit inside the can, with a little for overlap. Wrapping the wire around an empty bottle can help to make a nice, neat tube. Join the edges of the mesh by hooking through the cut ends and bending them over. If your wire is stiff you may need pliers here.
  • Step 5 Fit the tube into the cut base of the drinks can.
  • Step 6 Pierce the base of the tine and thread through a piece of wire. Make a coil at the base of the wire to stop the can falling off.
  • Step 7 Thread the other end of the wire through the opened ring-pull. Make a bend in the end of the wire to prevent the can from coming away from the feeder completely but leave enough wire at the top so that the top can slide up and down for filling.
  • Step 8 Find a lovely place to hang your feeder and enjoy the birds!

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