Fruit trees and a herb spiral …

… the forest garden at Ayton takes shape.4

They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither is a Forest Garden. But it is also true that many hands make light work and with such a great team on the job the garden is really starting to take shape. It was really, really windy so the whole team deserve a massive round of applause for the effort today.

This week we have added posts to support the fruit trees and started to plant fruit bushes. While it will take a year or two for the trees to really start to produce fruit, we should get a decent amount of berries from the fruit bushes this year.

Herbs are fast growing and produce ground cover quickly, important on such a big plot of land. And, of course, they are delicious as additions to cooked dishes and delightful in salads. So we have built a herb spiral to get us started.

And there was plenty of other activity going on in the garden, as you can see!

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