Irish Broth, Soda Bread and the return of the onion glasses!

In advance of St. Patricks Day, trainer Sumati decided upon Irish Broth for the recipe this week. And what could be healthier than a big bowl of vegetable soup! Nutritious, affordable, easy to make and absolutely delicious!

As you can see, the whole team enjoyed the day and the food.

And Sumati showed everyone just how easy it was to make Soda Bread. No messy kneading, prooving and kneading again – just simple tasty bread. Much better for you than the processed loaves you can buy in the supermarket. Sarah’s didn’t even make it home – her kids ate it on the journey home! You can download the recipes and give it a go yourself, HERE

And as promised – the return of the onion glasses. This time modelled by Dougie. Looking good!

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