We Love … Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a vigorous plant which likes to spread itself about and can grow up to two feet high, so you do have to keep your eye on it, but the bees love it. Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis), is a member of the mint family, and like mint, the […]

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We Love … Comfrey

Comfrey is a remarkable plant which every garden should grow If you have a garden, grow comfrey! Comfrey has very deep roots, which means it can get at nutrients from deep in the soil. These nutrients are stored in the leaves and by letting them break down, you’ll have a […]

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We Love – Scurvy Grass

Well, maybe love is a bit of an exaggeration but this plant is plentiful at the moment and can add a kick to salads and pesto. This common coastal plant got its name from the fact that sailors used to salt it down to access the masses of Vitamin C […]

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We Love … Spinach

References to Popeye the Sailorman might be a little outdated in the 21st century but those who remember the mid 20th century will remember him – and the miraculous effect that spinach had on his strength! While those effects might be a little exaggerated, there is still lots to love […]

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We Love … Drinks Can Birdfeeder

Feeding the birds at this time of year is really important. Most insects are not plentiful yet and the birds are starting to make nests ready for breeding. They need all the energy they can get and we can help themm by putting the right food out for them. Birdfeeders […]

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We Love …Birdboxes

There are plenty of things that you can enjoy in the garden as well as planting and harvesting. Encouraging wildlife into the garden is really important, none more so than birds. Birdboxes can be expensive to buy or even to make. They often need fancy tools and a lot of […]

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We Are Hiring!

At Abundant Borders we believe that everyone, regardless of their personal circumstances, has the right to healthy food and that everyone should be valued and supported within their community. We are working to create a network of community food gardens across the Scottish Borders and we support individuals and communities […]

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And the winner is …

Earlier this Autumn we launched a competition. Just help yourself to herbs from the pick-your-own beds by Jarvis Pickle in Eyemouth and post a picture on our Facebook page for a chance to win. Well Done Holden for the selfie and Mum Marnie for collecting the prize! And a big […]

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Our wonderful cooks get their rewards

Well done to everyone who completed the cooking skills course and who received their REHIS Certificates from Annie today. And thanks to the Coldstream Social Lunch team who provided the warm welcome and the delicious food.

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Keeping the Borders Beautiful

Woohoo! Advancing – what’s not to like!

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