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Abundant Borders, with support from Awards for All, is running a six-week course teaching how to cook inexpensive meals using simple ingredients and easy cooking methods. Meals will be based around the kind of food found in food parcels and basic larder ingredients. Nothing too difficult, nothing too fancy – just tasty food easily prepared. For more information and to book your place, contact

First Harvest!

We had a lovely productive day in the sunshine in the Hawick community garden yesterday.

We planted a cherry tree kindly donated by Graham Charley

and harvested our first radishes.

Looking forward to digging up some tatties in a month or so.

It was lovely to welcome Lisa Brydon (Volunteer Co-ordinator at Wilton Lodge Park community garden) to see what we’ve achieved so far.



A space to relax

Another very productive day in the Hawick Community Forest Garden.

Well done team. We now have a lovely new picnic table ….

and lots more cardboard down in the top part of the garden.

Robin came to survey our progress and posed for a photo!

Visit to ScotLAND permaculture project

The volunteers from the Hawick Community Garden enjoyed a visit to the Red Shed this week to see Permaculture in action.

What a beautifully abundant place!

Thanks Graham Bell for your wonderful hospitality.

ScotLAND is a Scotland-wide network supporting and creating permaculture Learning And Network Demonstration (LAND) Centres. The aim of ScotLAND is to demonstrate practical examples of  permaculture design in various different places, micro-climates, and cultures throughout Scotland. These include urban and rural home gardens, community gardens, public spaces, allotments, smallholdings and farms.

These LAND Centres meet our criteria of adequately integrating permaculture to a well-developed standard. They are open to visitors and offer opportunities for learning.

Abundant Borders welcomes two new team members!

We are delighted that Sue Winters and Kat Dunlop have both joined the team here at Abundant Borders!

Sue recently graduated from the Permaculture Foundation Course, seen here receiving her certificate from course tutor Graham Bell, and joins as Volunteer Co-ordinator.

Sue will be supported by Kat Dunlop, who holds her Permaculture Design Certificate and is active with a number of food growing projects in Lothian and Borders.

We are delighted to welcome them both!


Graduating in the sunshine

The latest group of fabulous folk graduated with their Permaculture Foundation Course certificates today. Congratulations to all 15 who have worked really hard and deserve their moment in the sun!

Tatty thief at Ayton??

Well, of course not… but for a while it looked like tatties were vanishing!

Turns out that volunteer Gillian had been around a pulled the first crop! And they were delicious too!

Meanwile we are all busy creating even more abundance to share

Design theory becomes design practice.

It’s not all about digging!

Part of the permaculture process is to design a garden that fits the space, the conditions, the needs of the growers and works in harmony with the environment.

The Hawick Community Growing Team, led by Rachel, have settled upon a mandala style layout, with paths and a sitting area.  Today the ground was being marked with chalk spray so that the planting area and paths could be layed out.

And at the other end of the garden, the team work to clear and chip the brash that has accumultaed during the garden clearing. The wood chip is an excellent mulch and goes straight onto the garden. No dig…no waste! Perfect permaculture!